Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann’s Books:
Tear Drenched Nights (2005)

Tear Drenched Nights

Tish’Ah Be’Av: The Tragic Legacy of the Meraglim

ISBN 0-9769161-1-8

A poignant, deeply insightful look at the tragedy of Tisha B'Av, with a unique perspective. In this well-written book, the author portrays the sin of the Spies as it plays into the historical framework which is central to Tisha B'Av. A panoramic view of Jewish history, offering both a subdued look at the shortcomings of our People, as well as the hope for future salvation.

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Price: $15.00 + shipping ($5 for 1 book; $6 for 2 books; $7 for 3 books; $1 extra for each additional book up to 5 and then no additional charge for more than 5 books.)

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